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Certificate in Functional Hindi

The use of Hindi language has been continuously increasing in newspapers, magazines, new forms of media, advertisements and online business. The reason is not only that Hindi is our official language and its popularity is increasing in non-hindi regions. In fact, Hindi has its own broad spectrum in the country. Even in foreign countries people are attracted towards Hindi. But with this unprecedented expansion, we also see the deterioration in the standards of Hindi language. Now, the discipline of the language has weakened and spelling errors have also increased. Our syllabus has been designed with this view that the students should know the merits and flaws of this language and acquire the intuitive knowledge of good Hindi. They will learn the functional use of Hindi and will also understand the common errors of this language and its grammar. In this programme students will come to know about natural expression, translation, terminology and language related expectations of different media. Eminent authors, senior journalists, translators , advertising experts etc, who have expertise in the language, shall discuss the nuances of better and effective Hindi on the basis of their experiences.

(This is an SFS programme. No relaxation in the fee in this course.)

Leval: Certificate

Duration: 6 Months

Credits: 20

Seats: 30(Self Finance)

Minimum Qualification for Admission: Senior Secondary from Recognised Board or Equivalent Examination Passed.