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P.G. Diploma in Photography

The P.G. Diploma programme aims to provide creative and technical skills to those students who wish to pursue photography as a profession or occupation. This programme will familiarise the students with modern devices, efficient selection of target object, importance of light, arranging indoor lighting and making of a portfolio. The curriculum has been designed with this special consideration that a photographer should be an imaginative creator as well as the knower of techniques. While maintaining the balance between theoretical and practical aspects; the students will be taught in such a manner that they comprehend the creative process of photography, can develop their own style and expression and get the in-depth knowledge of photography along with the new digital technology. This P.G. Diploma programme will be equally useful even for the amateur photographers.

(This is an SFS programme. No relaxation in the fee in this course.)

Leval: P.G. Diploma

Duration: 1

Credits: 40

Seats: 20(Self Finance)

Minimum Qualification for Admission: Graduation from Recognised University.