MA-JMC: Media Organization, Advertising and Public Relations

The curriculum has been designed with a comprehensive approach for our students. The key objective is to develop students’ understanding of organizational set up and functioning of various media: Mainly Print media, Electronic media and Online media. It also includes the fundamental as well as contemporary concepts of Public Relations and Advertising. During the period of two years, students will be apprised of various aspects such as their organizational setup, business models, graphics and layout designing, printing, broadcasting, copywriting, editing, media planning, research, campaign design and audio-visual production to name a few.

The prime focus of the programme is to provide theoretical cum practical orientation to the students. The practical input will improve their critical thinking and analytical abilities. Through this programme student will acquire administrative and managerial skills required to meet the expectations of any media organization. It will also enhance their communication and creative skills which are imperative for Advertising and PR industry. The objective of this programme is not only to make students eligible for employment but also to make them sensitive to the moral values related to the media world. While pursuing the programe students will also become familiar with the technical ‘know-how’ of computer, graphic designing software and the camera. Practical concepts will be taught with the help of case studies, interaction with industry experts and group projects.

Leval: Post-Graduation

Duration: 2 years, 4 Semesters

Credits: 120

Seats: 30

Minimum Qualification for Admission: Graduation Degree from Recognised University