It is a postgraduate degree programme that caters to the needs of trained-educated youth for the rapidly changing electronic media industry in the current era. The goal of the department is to provide intensive teaching and training in every field from news compilation to effective presentation in television and radio program production. This four-semester programme focuses on different dimensions of constantly changing television medium, as well as acquaints students about the current trends in broadcasting industry.

This programme would provide proficiency in television and radio reporting, script writing, anchoring and production through theoretical and conceptual knowledge and practical aspects of journalism to the students. The students will learn about key aspects of electronic media journalism such as creation of news stories, feature writing and production of documentaries and short films. Keeping in mind the existing needs of the media industry, the curriculum has been kept learner-centric with more emphasis on hands-on learning. The department is well- equipped with professional video cameras, audio equipment and video editing softwares. The perfect synthesis of textual and practical learning along with creativity will make students skilled as well as industry ready media professionals. After completion of the two-year programme, multiple career opportunities will be available for our students in the field of electronic media. They can aspire to make a bright future in Radio and Television journalism.

Leval: Post-Graduation

Duration: 2 years, 4 Semesters

Credits: 120

Seats: 30

Minimum Qualification for Admission: Graduation Degree from Recognised University