This postgraduate degree programme in Print Media is offered under the Department of Media Studies. It aims to train the students in such a manner that they can work as skilled professionals in print media industry. This four-semester programme is for two years, in which students will develop a deep understanding of political, economic and social trends. At the same time, they will also be given comprehensive information about the best practices of Indian journalism.

The curriculum is the right blend of theoretical and practical concepts which will enhance the writing skills, creativity and analytical abilities of students. This programme aims to widen the students’ knowledge on various aspects of media industry and core values of the Indian Constitution. It will make the students proficient by providing adequate learning and training facilities to them. They will acquire those skills which are essential for becoming successful journalists and will enable them to contribute significantly to print media industry.

In recent years, the print media industry has become the carrier of new and wider experiments, where digital technology is being used at a high level. This course will also make the students abreast of significant changes taking place in media landscape; both at national and international level. The curriculum’s prime focus is to strengthen media values and sensitize students towards civil liberties, environmental crisis and improve their scientific temper.

Leval: Post-Graduation

Duration: 2 years, 4 Semesters

Credits: 120

Seats: 30

Minimum Qualification for Admission: Graduation Degree from Recognised University