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Graduation Programme

The duration of this programme is three years. During these three years the students will be acquainted with key aspects of mass communication and media and will study other important subjects. Adequate training will also be given to them to enhance their skills.

The curriculum comprises of fundamental concepts of traditional print media, radio-TV, photography, web/online media, social media, media management, advertising and public relations. It also includes creative experiments and innovations taking place in the fields of news, communication and information technology. In this graduation programme, students will hone their writing skills and will also understand the reporting and editing techniques. We will take extra efforts to teach visual expressions of camera and also to improve their language especially the usage of words. Considering the needs of the media industry, students will get technical knowledge of media devices such as camera, mic, computer etc. and practical training will be given to teach them various editing techniques and presentation styles. The university will provide all the required facilities for this.

Keeping in mind the interdisciplinary nature of this course, we intend to develop our students’ understanding on core subjects such as Indian and World History, Society, National and International Politics, Development, Economy, Law, International Relations, Science, Environment, Culture, Human Rights, Gender Studies etc. This programme would prepare fundamental base and background for various postgraduate programmes in Journalism and Mass Communication. The curriculum is greatly beneficial for those students who wish to plan their career in journalism or other media related professions and want to pursue higher studies and research in the field of mass communication.

Leval: Graduation

Duration: 3 Year, 6 Semester

Credits: 120

Seats: 120

Minimum Qualification for Admission: Senior Secondary from Recognised Board or Equivalent Examination Passed.