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Vision and Mission

The Haridev Joshi University of Journalism and Mass Communication (HJU) has made a tryst with the future to become the best university in India for media education and research. To make HJU the preferred choice of future media professionals, it is mandated to promote journalism through education, training, critical discourse and creativity. It has been conceived as an institution equipped with the latest technological, discursive and ethical markers that will place it at the cutting edge of media-education and value-based journalism in India.

To deliver knowledge that blends intellectual rigour and stimulation, the HJU will equip its students not only with the requisite academic and practical skills required of media professionals but also develop in them the capacity for introspection and creative reflection. They will be encouraged to raise questions, voice doubts and recognise the multi-faceted nature of social reality to enable them to become positive change agents in a democratic society seeking to renew itself continuously.

The HJU aims to engender in its students an inclusive social vision, an egalitarian approach and a tolerant ethos based on the historical and contemporary realities shaping Indian society. This will enable them to strike a balance between our great traditions and a modern world view. The sensitization of its students for achieving gender-democracy as well as tolerant and casteless society is the paramount goal of the HJU.

The HJU hopes that its graduates will meet the needs of India’s dynamic democracy and make their mark nationally as well as globally.

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