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The library in the university is planned to be a treasure house of information and knowledge, which plays an important role in the development of students and teachers. HJU will emerge as a center of excellence on the strength of its rich library, which will store rare works, old magazines and latest books and other audio-visual material on media.

This library will not only provide a dense textual material for students, researchers and teachers, but also reference material and research journals. The library will have a collection of media-related books and material on law, history, communication research, cinema studies, development, environmental issues, advertising and public relations. Hindi and English newspapers as well as periodicals can also be read in the library.

The library has also undertaken a project for collection of books and audio-visual material with public support. Contributions of useful reference material from the collections of reputed journalists have been invited. Founding-Chancellor Shri Om Thanavi has contributed one thousand works (books, films and other things) out of his personal library. Around one thousand books have been procured with the support of India International Centre, New Delhi. Similarly, important books and reference material, that are otherwise unavailable now are being obtained from Senior journalists.

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