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Dr. Manoj Kumar Lodha

Associate Professor

Dr. Manoj Kumar Lodha is Deen of the faculty of Journalism. Prior to HJU, he has taught at University of Rajasthan and North Gujarat University, Patan.

He is a Post Graduate in Journalism and Economics and has also done Post Graduate Diploma in Tourism and Hotel Management, Diploma in Culture and Tourism, PG Diploma in Thought and Contribution of Jawaharlal Nehru and PG Diploma in Human Rights. He has served Dainik Bhaskar and Rashtriya Sahara in senior positions. His articles and features have appeared in leading periodicals. A number of research papers have been published in listed journals.

Dr. Lodha is member of the Board of Studies of various Universities. He has been appointed consultant of many training programmes and has made modules for them. He specializes in Page Layout and Designing.

Dr. Lodha has been granted research fellowships from University Grants Commission, Government of Gujarat, Gujarat AIDS Control Board and ICSSR. His research work is based on social development and tribal areas. His Ph.D. thesis was focused on space selling (advertising) in newspapers.

He has authored books such as ‘Samachar-patra Jagat mein Kranti: Ek Aarthik Vishleshan’ (Revolution in the News paper world: An Economic Study) and ‘Communication and Tribal Development’. He has co-edited four books on tribal development, education, communication and research. He has prepared a Human Development Report on the Kutch and Patan regions of Gujarat which has recently been published.

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